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Heavy duty Tight Buffer Micro Drop Cable(ADSS) 1-12core with Indoor Outdoor access building CABLE

Group FTTH Fiber Optic Cable
Min. Order 1 kilometer
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Update Time 2018-07-05
Item specifics
Brand NameGenesis
Model NumberHeavy duty Tight Buffer Micro Drop Cable(ADSS)
TypeFiber Optic Cable
CoresAs Per Buyers' Request
Material of jacketUV and polyethylene (PE)
Cable StructureMulti-Loose Tube CST armor
Fiber optionsITU G652D ,G657A,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
Temperature-40℃ -- +70℃
Cable StructureFigure 8 Loose tube armored
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Heavy duty Tight Buffer Micro Drop Cable(ADSS)is used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor in customer premises . This tough rugged cable is ideal for all external environments including LAN direct burial, tunnels and heavy-duty ducts

Product Construction:


1-12 fibers
250um color coated  fiber.

Strength Member:
Kevlar yarn.

Outer Jacket:
Heavy Duty TPU Jacket.

Good UV  resistant.
Dupon Kevlar yarn provide high tensile strength.
Heavy Duty, Micro size , soft, flexible, easy to install.

Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor 
in customer premises .
Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, 
especially  where request narrow space.

Fiber Type: G.652D, G.657A1 or G.657A2 single mode fiber 

Fiber Colors:

Optical Characteristics
Optical Transmisson Performance 

         Single mode

1310/1383/1550/1625 nm

                        Multi mode 850/1300 nm 
      9/125 μm(OS2)

 62.5/125 μm


 52/125 μm


52/125  μm


 52/125  μm


 Max. Attenuation (db/km)  0.36/0.36/0.25/0.35   3.0/0.8     2.7/0.8     2.7/0.8     2.7/0.8
Typ. Attenuation (db/km)  0.34/0.32/0.21/0.24   2.7/0.6     2.5/0.7     2.3/0.6     2.3/0.6
 Bandwidth(Mhz/km)               N/A   200/600    500/500   1500/500    3500/500

 850 nm laser bandwidth


               N/A        N/A      N/A       2000       4000
 Numerical Aprture         0.13±0.01 0.275±0.015 0.200±0.015 0.200±0.015 0.200±0.015


Structure and Technical Specification


  Cable Code

   Cable Diameter


           Cable Weight


           Tensile Strength


   TPU jacket   LSZH jacket   Short Term    Long Term
      1-4         3.0±0.2         11         9.5        1000         300
     6-12         3.6±0.2         14         12.5        1000         300

 Note :THis datasheet can only be a referance,but not a supplement to the contract,Please contact our sales people for

          more information.  


 We produce and test cable comply with following standard: 

Mechanical Performance

Max Tension Performance 

IEC 60794–1-2-E

Max. Operation Tension 

IEC 60794–1-2-E1

Crush Test 

IEC 6079 –1-2-E3

Impact Test 

IEC 60794–1-2-E4

Repeated Bending 

IEC 60794–1-2-E6

Torsion Test 

IEC 60794–1-2-E7

Cable bend 

IEC 60794–1-2-E11A

Attenuation Coefficient 

ITU-T G.652

Structural Test 


Environmental Performance

Temperature Cycling 

IEC 60794–1-2-F1

Water Penetration 

IEC 60794–1–2-F5B

Filing Compound Flow 

IEC 60794-1-E14


To guarantee stable performance and provide the best products to users, our company has strict control on design, 

raw material and process pursuing details and challenging perfection.


1. It is composed of case body, fiber optical splice tray and adaptor fixing frame.

2. It is devided into two parts, one links with optical cables for fusion connection between optical cable and fiber pigtail and 

another links with patch cord. Combine fusion and connection, surplus fiber holding, and patch cord holding in integration.

3. Surplus fibers can be twisted around two special plastic rings, which ensure the bending radius is bigger than 40mm.

4. Adopt 6 ports adaptor fixing frame to fix adaptors which available for different types of adaptors, easy for operation and avoid any unexpected damage to fiber.

5. Cable can lead in from the bottom of the box, the entry is under the protection of special rubber parts.



We offer support and technical expertise in both the newest and existing technologies.


Genesis is growing rapidly. Now our company plant covers a workshop area of about 1200 square meters, with more than 500 workers. 

We are dedicated to providing reliable, high-quality and cost-effective products to our new & old customers.


All fees and charges will be calculated according to weight, volume and shipping method of the materials our customers order.

Any extra charge caused by additional services, such as purchaser's carrier of special handling at the destination, must be paid by consignee of purchasers.


Telecommunications subscriber loop; Fiber to the home (FTTH); LAN/WAN; CATV.


Genesis's fiber optic cables used in metro.airport,highway.nuclear power station,Garrison,Television building,Civic centre,ect projects.

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