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Brazil Customer Center Data Project

  Establishing a permanent data center can be a costly and labor-intensive exercise that requires strategic planning, design and deployment to ensure long-term sustainability and lower total cost of ownership. Investing time and millions of dollars in fully operational data centers at remote sites may add more cost and risk to industries such as oil, mining and forestry that conduct exploration and production in remote areas, especially as these Data centers may only need to run for years rather than decades.

   When a large Brazilian mining company needs to quickly set up a data center to support the operations of its multiple remote mining sites, they need to create a comprehensive, rapidly deployable mobile data center. While many companies build mobile buildings, modular offices or temporary settlements and classrooms, they use their expertise in networking, communications, security, process control and power generation to design and build these innovative containers. The mobile data center completely embodies rapid deployment, improving quality and better reliability.

Romania Customer Railway Project     

  Subway and urban rail station is an important transport facilities in today's cities, the subway signal equipment in the maintenance and overhaul work, the current cable appeared more fault conditions, and the type of fault failures also have a gradual increase in the trend, And therefore the actual cable maintenance, maintenance work has brought greater difficulty. For the cause of the problem, in addition to the cable's own performance factors, the design of the cable routing is also a very important task. The design of the cable routing not only affects cable troubleshooting and operation and maintenance, Will also directly affect the appearance of the interior and the convenience of construction. In this regard, in the actual design of the signal cable in the equipment room, it is necessary to put forward certain design solutions based on the actual situation, through the positive comparison of this part of the program, optimize the choice of a more stable, economical and Feasible cable layout program, in order to achieve the stability of the cable at the same time to carry out better follow-up cable maintenance.

Iran customer commercial buildings and factories rectification

Tehran Commercial Building in Iran is an important shopping malls, the environment of the electronic application level, will directly affect the progress of the work. Therefore, in the planning and design, computer network system, voice communication system and intelligent subsystem have been fully considered in the requirements of integrated wiring system, and strive to build the integrated wiring system into a reliable, open, high bandwidth, scalable and future-proof Development of the wiring system. Tehran, Iran's commercial buildings in the wiring function mainly to meet the computer network communications, voice communications, network communications and weak network system based video transmission.