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24 core fiber optic cable

24-core cable physical diagram 24 core fiber optic cable is a communication cable with 24 fibers (silica, quartz glass). With a variety of structural models and two transmission modes, it is the use of more extensive communications cable.

Transmission 24 core fiber optic cable is mainly single-mode and multi-mode two specifications. Single mode (inner diameter is 9μm outer diameter is 125μm) multimode (two types, inner diameter is 62.5μm outer diameter is 125μm and inner diameter is 50μm outer diameter is 125μm), single mode is a long-distance transmission mode, wavelength It is both 1310 and 1550; multimode is a short-distance transmission mode (transmission distance is limited to 2000 meters), and the wavelength is 850 and 1300. (Single mode is widely used now, while multimode is gradually being phased out)

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