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How to detect the optical fiber jumper is qualified?

Using the insertion loss meter First, use a light pen to measure if the jumper is clear. Determine the fiber is not broken. Measured indicators General carrier-grade indicators: Insertion loss is less than 0.3dB The return loss is greater than 45dB.

Optical fiber jumper performance testing is divided into:

1. Optical performance testing, including return loss/insertion loss testing. The instrument tested can use the FibKey 7602 return loss/insertion loss integrated tester.

2. End face geometry test. The test parameters include radius of curvature, apex offset, fiber height, and so on. The instrument tested was an interferometer, and many people tested with Norland AC/NC3000 or CC6000. In particular, the CC6000 interferometer has been used by more and more plants because of its superior cost performance.

3. Scratch detection of fiber end face, observation with video fiber magnifier, as many factories use FibView FV-400PA for inspection. The instrument gives the sharpest image and the operation is extremely simple. There are also customers who use the FibKey-5600 variable magnification magnifier to detect. The instrument integrates 400x, 200x, and 80x magnifiers to clearly and easily observe the fiber end face and the ferrule end face. Of course you can also use related software for automatic checking.

4. Fiber tension testing requires testing the fiber connector for the amount of pull it can withstand.

5. Ambient temperature experiment, need to test the performance index of the fiber connector under different ambient temperature conditions.

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