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Genesis Fiber Can Now Achieve Data Long Distance Accurate Transmission?

"At the moment, light cable system similar to quicksand, the more you push, to trap more quickly, to some extent, you exert greater energy to transmit signals, bringing more data transmission twisted, which will affect the distance data transfer. Our approach is to eliminate this energy limit and extend the transmission distance of signal in optical fiber cable without converter. "The team member Nikola Alic said.

In experiments, researchers successfully experienced a record 12,000-kilometer in the fiber-optic cable from the transmit data to decipher. Throughout the process, they use only the amplifier and do not use converters, which means electronic generator is no longer needed in the data transmission process.

Abandon periodic electronic recycling system will be considerably changing the network infrastructure of the economy, and ultimately lead to cheaper, more efficient data transmission system.

This research breakthrough researchers in the development of broadband "frequency comb" (frequency Combs), it can make sure that the letter "distortion" (also known as crosstalk, and information produced in the fiber-optic cables over long distances) predictability.

"Crosstalk between channels of data transmission in fiber-optic cable follow the laws of physics, it is not random. We are now able to more clearly understand the rules. "The research team said.

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